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What is eUBProfile™?

eUBProfile is a web-based data collection and reporting program. eUBProfile's strength lies in its ability to instantly retrieve a wide range of information for academic administrators, from the Provost to Deans and Department chairs about the faculty in their unit.


The success of eUBProfile™ depends on organization and communication. The organization starts with the eUBProfile™ Database Manager and must carry through the institutional hierarchy to the school and department levels. This organization and communication is accomplished through a 'chain of information', from the eUBProfile™ Database Manager to a School-level eUBProfile™ Database Manager in each school within the institution and, from there, to a Department-level eUBProfile™ Database Manager in each department. Contact between the eUBProfile™ Managers is essential for the smooth, long-term success of this program.

What's new?

This version of eUBProfile contains literally hundreds of new enhancements and features.

Underneath the hood, this version of eUBProfile™ is powered by a completely new application server that will ensure far better performance, scalability, and stability.